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Adjustable Height Work Bench With Drill Powered

Picture of Drill Powered Adjustable Height Work Bench!

I used two trailer jacks to make an adjustable height work bench. I needed a way to store my new X-Carve CNC machine when not in use. You could modify this design easily to make an adjustable height standing desk.

Step 1: Modify Trailer Jack

Picture of Modify Trailer Jack
2 Pin.jpg
3 Rod Hole.jpg

A small pin is all that holds the hand crank on the trailer jack. Tapping it out and replacing the hand crank with a 48″ rod ensures both sides of the work bench rise in sync.

Step 2: Re-Assembly

Picture of Re-Assembly
5 One side.jpg
6 Two sides.jpg

Drilling a small hole for the pin in each side of the rod connects the two trailer jacks together.

Step 3: Remove Mounting Bracket

Picture of Remove Mounting Bracket

I used a grinder to remove the mounting bracket from the trailer jack so it would fit in side my risers.

Step 4: Wood Risers (Guide Blocks)

Picture of Wood Risers (Guide Blocks)
9 Assemled.jpg
10 Top Plate.jpg

I built two plywood boxes that fit perfectly in one another. Then the trailer jack goes in the smaller of the two boxes. A mounting plate is welded to the top of the jack which can be screwed to the inner box.

Step 5: Gears and Chain

Picture of Gears and Chain
12 Drill Powered.jpg

Since the jack is upside down, two spur gears and #35 roller chain was used to bring the crank up to a comfortable height.

Step 6: The Frame

Picture of The Frame
14 Frame.jpg

I used plywood to build 4 legs and connect them together. For my top work surface, I layered plywood with masonite to give is a slick finish as an out feed table for the table saw.

Step 7: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

With this project I gained a large work bench, an out feed table, and a way to raise and lower my new CNC machine! I’m very happy with the results say Mike.

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